Why Brands need Brand Ambassador ?

2021 Feb 17

Why Brands need Brand Ambassador ?


Before Moving into the “WHY” part, let’s start this article with the general concept of Brand Ambassador.


Brand Ambassadors are defined as the limelight persona, mostly those who have some influence on the mass of people assigned as the ambassador or spokesperson for a particular brand, product or service.


In simpler terms, they are the promoters of that certain product or a company as a whole.


Although the medium, technology and concept of brand ambassadorships are changing rapidly with time , this phenomena of using celebrities to promote products and services are being practiced for a long time…

In Nepal also , celebrities are being featured by various brands and companies especially corporates and business houses …


A Short story !!

From the time immemorial , during the evolution of human sapiens, entertainment either that may be in the form of music, dance , songs were closely associated with culture and rituals..


And with time, the need of these gifts to human kind became our integral part of living.


People started creating music, songs, dances  and later these became the foundation for  making of movies . The medium of creation and consumption of content has been drastically evolved during these years, from Theatres, TV shows, to Youtube, tiktok and now OTT platforms  but our habits are the same…


We are always fascinated with these aspects which are the base of the entertainment industry in any part of the world.


So, during the process of creation , a bunch of personalities or creators raise their level and others (those who consume their content) start following them as admirers or simply fans.


Those creators keep on giving value to their fans and out of millions of fans , a percentage of fans become die-hard fans. These herd of die hard fans love whatever their role models do, they follow their every creations, they wish on their birthdays and more importantly THEY BUY OR BELIEVE WHATEVER THEIR MODELS RECOMMEND ..


And this is where, brands and companies start using that charm and charisma of the creators or celebrities to promote their products to their target market who happen to be the congregatory epicenter of people following that specific celebrity either to make them aware of their products or services or even to scale their existing business.


So, Why do companies & brands need a Brand Ambassador ?

There may be various different reasons for a company or brands to opt in for brand ambassadorship based on their motive, type and nature of business.


However some of the most common and probably the most important are ..


  1. Brand Ambassadors Help your Brand Grow !!

This is one of the most important yet common reasons why your business needs a brand ambassador. They are the spokesperson of your brand. From mentions to recommendations , they help to make your brand aware to their followers which goes a long way towards developing a positive public image for your brand.

     2. They Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

There are times when a brand may fall into the victim of falsified news which may ruin its reputation. At these times of downfall, a brand ambassador can defend your brand against defaming news and gossip and clarify the actual truth to the mass audience and media.

     3. Publicity on their Networks

In today’s context , we are living in the era of rapid growth in technology. Almost every celebrity or public figure is on social media. Although a company or brand can promote their products and services on their own platform, the more effective way is to let the same promotion execute from the channels of brand ambassadors .. ( this concept is termed as an influential marketing strategy ). Posting the same thing on brand ambassador’s social channels  definitely has more weight as the followers do believe and have more personal touch..

    4. Positive Word of Mouth

When you have confidence in your products and services , your brand ambassador can be a magnet to attract a pool of prospects whom you can turn into loyal consumers. Their positive word of mouth for your products will drastically increase your sales.

    5.Increase your Website Traffic

So, apart from brand reputation building, WOH , especially if your business is digital centric like an ecommerce platform and has a landing page / website or an app , a shoutout of your brand ambassador can increase your website traffic which you can convert into sales..

These are some of the many reasons your company needs a brand ambassador..


What else do you need to select your Brand Ambassador ?

We basically talk about “ Why you need a brand ambassador”.. However, it is equally important to understand how you can choose whom you need as your brand’s ambassador..

As every brand ambassador may not be suitable for your business , I am going to shortlist key points on how you can effectively choose one !! 


Understand your audience– You need to have a clear picture of your demographics , who are your target market, their age group, their passions, their behaviors and whom they follow…Research your market – After understanding your audience, you need to research your market, where your audience congregates etc.

Research your product – If you are just getting started or your product is new to the market, before investing on brand ambassadorship, throw a couple of promotions regarding your product and get feedback from your target group.

Get Insights about your Brand Ambassador – Before initiating the contract, shortlist five possible alternatives of public figure or celebs ( based on your aim and budget)  you are thinking of assigning as your brand ambassador . Nowadays it is literally easy to understand the tastes of their audience with various insights tools…

Finalize and Choose One or Many – After initially testing your product, target audience, strength of your chosen celebrity for that target group, you can jump and assign them as your brand ambassador..


The Process seems to be a bit technical and bulky but initial research plays a very significant role in attaining your business goals and you won’t be pouring water over the sand …

And, fortunately, we at Celebsathi.com can help you sort this process as we have a very robust digital marketing and research team along with celebrities from all regions, genres who have your target market as their admirers and fans…

So, kindly connect with us , so we would be able to find out a perfect brand ambassador to take your business to the next level…